Grant thinks since he’s the Flash he can bully people now…

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A Drop in the Ocean - Chapter 1/22


Pairings: Kurtbastian
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Summary: Sebastian!POV rewrite of A Change in the Weather. The summer before college Kurt is shocked when Sebastian comes to him with a timely offer he can’t refuse. He’ll get something he needs to realize his dreams, but in return he has to play the role of Sebastian’s boyfriend for the summer. Neither of them know just how much their worlds are about to change. For a GKM prompt.
A/N: So, first real test… I can’t tell you guys how nervous I am for this. It was a lot harder to write around the existing dialogue than I had anticipated, and I have made a meta post talking about the how and why of my editing and characterisation choices, so I’m not gonna do that here. I am gonna warn for some minor Kurt bashing, however, which should surprise no one because, well, we’re in Sebastian’s head right now, but you know…
In terms of updates, I can promise the next one will be slightly less swift than this one, partly because I won’t have any writing time this weekend. I’ll keep you guys posted on Tumblr, but I would be very surprised if I couldn’t get it out by the end of the month.
Any comments or feedback are highly appreciated, but either way I hope you enjoy!

Aubrey Plaza - Nylon Magazine - September 2014

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Mugged again.

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You know what you need? Adrenaline. There’s two ways to get it: fear and anger. Since you don’t look like a guy who’s afraid of anything, you need to get angry.

kurtbastian hiatus projectweek six
day one: proposal

New Hampshire. Is that a state? (x)
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Darren Criss and Lea Michele in the crowd between takes x

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it seems like everyone could use a pick me up today so here’s kurt making breakfast for a super fabulous looking blaine, as suggested by the lovely hazelandglasz